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Currently, we have over 400 chimney related professionals in over 10 different countries.

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Comments from chimney professionals around
the industry and throughout the world...

" Let this list be a resource for new ideas for your business".
- Jim Conant NCSG President, conant @

"I can't think of anything I've ever partaken in that has consistently
provided as much entertainment, education and companionship as CHIMNEYS-L ".
- Bob Harper PreFab Fireplaces, Inc., harpersx4 @

"Like many of you I feel these forums are a bit of a second home now".
- Bob Daniels "Sooty Bob" Copperfield Chimney Supply

"It is often thought provoking and educational"
- Dan Hughes, sootydan @

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Drawing by Chris Heuer
Drawing by Chris Heuer
Drawings by Chris Heuer