Chimney Sweeps International homeowner section is designed to help homeowners regarding chimney cleaning and repairs. It helps homeowners by offering advice on services including chimney sweep referral and quality control report review to video instruction for the do it your-selfer homeowner. We have many services including:

Finding a chimney sweep: Based on your zip code, our chimney sweep members bid for typical chimney cleaning and chimney inspection services. We have a computer algorithem that matches local chimney sweeps with customers based on price, training, licensing, insurance, certification and quality of service. With this type of competition based program, the homeowner get’s the best sweep at great prices. Our intial program listing if free for the chimney sweep companies so they will offer their best prices at no advertising cost. Our paid chimney sweep members are required to provide detailed inspections using our reporting software that generates photo filled and information based reports that anyone can read and understand. Our concept is to completely detail the inspections so anyone with chimney sweep experience can quality control the reports.

Free Quality Control: Chimney Sweep International offers homeowners free quality control of any chimney sweep service they have received from our member companies. Most modern chimney sweeps provide chimney cleaning and inspections reports typical of home inspection reports. We review those reports and provide opinions regarding these reports to determine if the service was correctly performed and if the inspection follows modern building codes.

Repair discounts

If our homeowner finds that their chimney requires repairs then Chimney Sweeps International can negotiate prices with the contracted member on behalf of the homeowner and we can also bid the repair to our other member sweeps. Being from the chimney sweep community, we have a better understanding of the associated material and labor costs that individual repairs should require. Business is a supply and demand market and if the costs appear too high then we can shop the repairs to other member chimney sweeps in a local market.

Supply discounts:

By the volume of chimney service we provide throughout the industry, Chimney Sweeps International negotiates discounts with major chimney suppliers. We pass these discounts to our members and the the supply costs are reduced and this savings can be passed to our home owners.

Find your prices for chimney cleaning and repairs:

Simply enter your zip code to find a repair and cleaning price for a local chimney sweep in your area.