Chimney Inspections

Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association, there are 3 levels of chimney inspections? The first level is the basic chimney inspection. This occurs during routine annual chimney cleanings. The level 2 chimney inspection is recommended if you buy or sell your home or believe you may have experienced a chimney fire which includes a video inspection. The third level includes extensive disassembly of your fireplace.

This research indicates the significance of timely chimney inspection and cleaning specifically fireplace inspection to avoid any risk of catching fire. Also, it is very important that you consult a certified professional and give the task of your fireplace inspection service in experienced hands. We are a leading fire inspection company who provides with extensive analysis of your chimney. Our standard inspection is a level 1 inspection but usually includes additional rooftop inspections unless you have a slate or very steep roof. Prices depend on location so click our price button to find your price.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning includes a standard level 1inspection as mentioned above. Being a leading chimney cleaning company, our technicians perform a very clean service and place drop cloths and use quad filter vacuum cleaners to control dust. The technician will typically clean the chimney from the top of the chimney for masonry fireplaces and from the bottom for prefabricated fireplaces. If roof access is restricted by slate shingles, very steep roofs or other obvious reason, then the chimney for masonry fireplaces will be cleaned from the bottom up. We are well-known specifically for gracefully handling the crucial tasks like fireplace cleaning and repair which makes us a top-notch fireplace cleaning company. Finding prices for a standard chimney cleaning and inspection service in your area is very easy, just click the price button and find your location.

ChimneyCleaning woodstove

Wood Stove Inserts

Wood stove inserts are constructed of cast iron and are placed inside the opening of the existing masonry fireplace. These inserts are more difficult to clean because the chimney technician is required to move these very heavy inserts out of the fireplace far enough to crawl behind the insert. Access behind the insert is required to clean inside the fireplace and areas like the smoke chamber and smoke shelf. A properly lined wood stove insert has a direct connect liner to the top of the chimney and removal of the wood stove is not required and thus additional cost is not required.

Free Standing Wood Stove

A free standing wood stove is slightly more difficult to clean. The pipes that are connected to the top of the free standing stove and turn into the masonry chimney usually require disconnection. The process of disconnecting these pipes and reconnecting the pipes can be difficult. If the pipes are not required to be disconnected and reconnected, then there is not additional charge for the cleaning process. Free standing wood stoves are a great way to heat your home, however many of the free standing wood stove generate lots of creasote. If you burn wood in your wood stove, definitely have it cleaned at least once a year.

freestanding dryervent

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many home owners do not realize they need to have a dryer vent cleaned. If your clothes take longer than one cycle to dry; you likely need to have your dryer vent cleaned. Most home owners believe the line behind their dryer is what is being cleaned and they can clean it themselves. Actually, dryer vent cleaning cleans the line that travels though your walls and ceiling to the vent on the outside of your home. Clogged dryer vents cause numerous house fires and is definitely something that a home owner should research. A Step in Time’s prices for our dryer vent cleaning services starts at $199 and may increase due to the size, proportions and amount of debris associated with each specific case.

Chimney Repair

A Step in Time has many chimney technicians who have seen and repaired nearly every imaginable chimney problem that you could encounter. Whether it is leaking chase covers as shown in the photo to the left to complete chimney rebuilds with historic preservation, A Step in Time, the industry-leading and experienced chimney repair Company, can solve all your chimney repair needs. All our chimney repairs and fireplace repairs come with a one year labor warranty and most of our repair products come with ten year or lifetime manufacturer warranty. Our staff has many brick masons, many C.S.I.A. certified chimney sweeps and the owner is a professional structural engineer. If you want your chimney repair performed correctly at affordable chimney repair cost, then you have come to the right place. Please consult with your technician at the time of service/inspection for any price concerns or repair questions.

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Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installation

A Step in Time installs stainless steel chimney liners. Many masonry chimney have a terra cotta flue tile liner. These liners are very effective as a heat insulator if they experience a chimney fire, but are also very brittle and usually crack when they are exposed to thermal shock. NFPA 211 (national fire codes) basically state that these liners should be repaired or replaced when they crack. A very good way to correct these problems is to install stainless steel chimney liners. Many of these liners have lifetime warrantees and can effectively handle the thermal stress of chimney fires. Most homeowner insurance policy coverage includes chimney fire damage. Apparently the insurance companies understand that the cost of a chimney liner is better than the cost of a entire house. Call A Step in Time for you stainless steel chimney liner needs.

Structural Engineering Inspections and Designs

A Step in Time was founded by Ray Gessner who is a licensed professional engineer. He graduated from Virginia Tech – 1991 in civil engineering with a focus on structural engineering. Later he worked at various structural engineering firms and geotechnical (soils) engineering firms. In 1998 he received his masters degree in civil engineering from Old Dominion University with a geotechnical and structural emphasis. Later that year he successfully sat and passed the Virginia Professional engineering exam and is a Virginia licensed professional engineer. Ray has also sat for and passed the Class A contractors license. Everyday, A Step in Time chimney sweep technicians visit homes and encounter a variety of problems. All homes are built on soil and experience wide variety of settlement issues which include leaning chimneys, damaged foundations, termite infestation and water deterioration. Ray’s dual major with geotechnical (soils) and structural engineering is a perfect fit to offer advice to everyday homeowners. Call A Step in Time for your structural engineering needs.

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