About Us

About Chimney Sweeps

Chimney Sweeps International was established by Ray Gessner, the owner of A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps. He is a licensed professional engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Engineering from Old Dominion University.


We strive to provide the highest level of training or access to training to all of our chimney sweeps. With training and quality control, this is the perfect combination to offer the best chimney sweep and repair service to customers all over the country. Our training video vault and chimney sweep testing programs allows the most seasoned chimney professional the ability to quickly and efficiently train their technicians.


Our website is the premiere website for chimney sweeps from a URL perspective. We have been developing this concept for over ten years. The problem with chimney companies is that to have a strong URL presence, they have to spend countless energy, SEO optimization and development for just their local area. Why not engineer a website, phone number and call center that handles everything for a local company at a national level discount. All customers that others do not service can be handled by our trained chimney sweep partners.


There are over 5000 chimney sweep companies in the United States. Most of these companies are going alone and learning along their path. Part of our member package is to connect companies in groups of 8 that meet for 4 hours per month as a video conference session. These sessions are guided each month to cover employer topics and even employee topics. These guided sessions have a focus for chimney technicians to ask questions and share experiences. With confidentiality agreements, what happen in these group sessions stay in these group sessions.

Additional services

We offer services including chimney report generation, email lead follow up, direct call follow up, after hours, on hours or overflow telephone call handling. We can include advertising guidance, discounted direct mail, custom email, brochures, sales promotions, chimney sweep apparel, chimney material and so much more. We basically guide you how to grow your chimney business to make it the most professional progressive company in your local.