20 Signs You Need a Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

20 Signs You Need a Dryer Vent Cleaning

Homeowners need to pay full attention to all their home appliances. They need to make sure that all the appliances they own are secure as well as efficient including the dryer vent. Maintaining the condition of our dryer vents is a task that is often forgotten. Having a clean and proper dryer vent is very crucial so that the dryer functions at its best always. We’re going to talk about the signs that indicate your dryer vent needs cleaning, what it includes, and the obvious symptoms, further we also have some general FAQs to make you clear in this blog.

What is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

It is the procedure in which Lint, debris, and other obstructions are removed from the venting system that is attached to your dryer. This method aims to keep your dryer running efficiently, improve airflow, and protect against possible risks of fire. To ensure optimal safety and effectiveness, professional dryer vent cleaning services use specialised methods and tools to thoroughly clean the venting system.

What are the signs that indicate your Dryer Vent needs cleaning?

Certainly, here are 20 signs that indicate your dryer vent needs cleaning:

  1. Extended Drying Times: When compared to normal, clothes take longer to dry.
  2. Excess Lint Gathering: A noticeable accumulation of lint at the outside vent opening or lint trap inside the dryer.
  3. Warm Laundry Area or Dryer: An excessive amount of heat coming from the laundry area or dryer.
  4. Musty Odours: Unpleasant scents originating from the washing room or dried clothes.
  5. Visual Debris or Blockages: Clear blockages or visible lint or debris around the dryer vent opening.
  6. Burning Odour: A burning smell that occurs when the dryer is running and indicates that lint buildup could cause a fire.
  7. More energy cost: Higher-than-usual costs for energy as a result of the dryer’s poor operation.
  8. Dryer shuts Off Fast: Often, the dryer turns off even before the drying cycle is finished.
  9. Excessive Heat or Moisture: The laundry area might have excessive heat or moisture, that could be irritating or promote the growth of mould.
  10. Flat or Compressed Vent Hose: The airflow is blocked by a flattened or crushed vent hose.
  11. Lint Inside Dryer: Lint growing up around the door seal or inside the dryer drum.
  12. Vibrations or Noises: Abnormal vibrations or sounds that occur when the dryer is running, indicating a restriction in airflow.
  13. Clothes Feel Wet: After a drying cycle, clothing appears humid or wet.
  14. Hot to the Touch Dryer Outside: When the dryer is not in use, the exterior feels hot to the touch.
  15. Controls or Cabinet for Dryer Overheating: The dryer cabinets or controls overheating.
  16. Excess Dust: A buildup of dust within the laundry area and on surfaces near the dryer vent.
  17. Mould or Mildew Growth: High levels of moisture in the laundry area may contribute to the growth of mould or mildew.
  18. Restricted Airflow: Sometimes when the dryer vent operates, there is minimal to no airflow.
  19. Rodent or Insect Activity: The presence of rats or insects around the dryer vent opening, leads directly to a buildup of lint.
  20. Dryer Trips Breaker: Heating up or electrical issues lead the dryer to often damage the circuit breaker.


  1. How often should I hire Chimney Sweeps to clean my dryer vent?

It is usually advised that you have Chimney Sweeps clean your dryer vent a minimum of once a year for optimal effectiveness and safety. However, the frequency may change depending on vent length, usage habits and other aspects. Chimney Sweeps can evaluate your specific situation and provide customised maintenance plan options.


  1. Can I use chimney sweeps for this job, or can I simply clean the dryer vent by myself?

While you can clean your dryer’s vents by yourself, hiring professional dryer vent cleaners like Chimney Sweeps to do the work guarantees complete, professional cleaning utilising specific equipment and expertise. By the safe and effective removal of lint, dirt, and other blockages from the venting system, our group of highly skilled experts could reduce the risk of fire incidents while improving dryer performance. During cleaning, Chimney Sweeps can additionally identify and fix any unidentified issues or possible issues, offering you peace of mind and ensuring the long-term efficiency and safety of your dryer.


  1. How can one find a trustworthy company that cleans dryer vents effectively?

There are multiple ways to find an established company like Chimney Sweeps that provides professional dryer vent cleaning services. Begin by carrying out an extensive search on the internet for companies which have received excellent reviews and ratings. Ask your neighbours, friends, or family members for recommendations if they utilised dryer vent cleaning services and had success. Check whether the company has been approved by organisations such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) or the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Pick a dryer vent cleaning provider having numerous years of experience and an excellent track record. Confirm that the business is licenced and insured to clean dryer vents in your area.

When choosing a company to clean your dryer vent, why should you use Chimney Sweeps?

There are several companies available in the market. But the question is – Are they all trustworthy? Are they experienced like Chimney Sweeps? You can rely on a comprehensive and efficient service tailored by us to maintain the efficiency and safety of your appliance when you schedule an appointment with Chimney Sweeps, we are an experienced dryer vent cleaning company. We are known for skilled dryer vent cleaning. You will be having an experienced professional who is going to carefully examine your dryer vent system to assess its condition and identify any potential issues or obstructions. The dryer vent will then be cleaned using specialised tools like brushes that rotate and strong vacuums, all the way from the dryer to the exterior vent termination. The accumulation of lint, debris, and various sorts of blockages will be removed effectively with this method, ensuring unobstructed airflow and optimum dryer efficiency.

Chimney Sweeps aims to deliver our best to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and safety with your dryer vent. You can rely on us to get a trustworthy, dependable and professional service at ease.

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